Make progress or make excuses.

Make progress or make excuses.

It’s been a busy week (as usual) thankfully, no tears this week! I think I have found my greatest strength in my hardest fall. Something has changed, I feel confident and I feel like nothing can stop me. I am determined and I want to keep writing this chapter of my story. 

It’s been really busy at work, there is so much going on. Who said the off-season was quiet? Uh, no…you are so wrong my friend. It could probably be because I am currently doing the work of two people! I am actually glad because if I had to sit on my bum the whole day I think I would go insane. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out when I can’t get to everything, I have to put it off and separate everything so I can get it done. I wonder if anyone even notices how much effort I put in? It doesn’t really matter to be honest, I know and God knows…one day they will all see. 

The next few weeks are going to be glorious, I wont have this dark cloud following me around just waiting to rain on my parade. This is my time to shine, this is my time to prove myself. I am going to have to pull up my socks, and tighten my belt. I can finally throw away my umbrella and let my light shine. 

Although, I am not going to lie. I have been overwhelmed by everything that I have to do, the sales preparation of thirty plus horses and departure of two sets of sales have been put on me and everything that goes with the two. Oh, wait…you thought I was done. No, in between I have to look after the yearlings and newest weanlings, as well as the foals that are still with their Moms. Well, It should not really be much of a challenge because I have almost been doing everything anyways. So, I am actually, kind of prepared. This is just everything 2.0.

Right now I am not even going to get into how much Mrs. So anQuote 6d So doesn’t even care how everything plays out and how I have had
to hear it over and over again. I am sure I have bite marks on my tongue because I had to constantly hold my words last week. Nope, you know what, I am going to be okay. Look at me, my panic is pouring through my words. Can you blame me? I just keep thinking – I did not graduate as top student twice and survive a season in New Zealand and make it through Karaka, do four seasons IN A ROW may I add, to not be able to do my job. This is the little league compared to what God has in store for me. One day I will be a manager, this is my time to take that first step. Prove that I can do this on my own…not for my boss, Mrs. So and So (actually don’t need to prove anything to her at all), or anyone else. The person I need to prove myself to…is Me.

So, let’s do this thing. Nothing is to big for a Hammond…bring it on. I am ready! 

Until next week, Four Boots out. 

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If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.

If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.

If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it. Easier said than done…

Have you ever wished that you could somehow know what the future holds? What you will need, what you will have to do to make all your dreams come true, what road to take? Have you ever wished that what you plan would just come easy and everything would be right? You wouldn’t have to hit “bumps in the road” or make detours. On the other hand, you wont learn anything if everything comes easy and is handed to you on a silver plate. Do you see the dilemma? Would you take the opportunity to see what the future hold for you? will it be easier? will it be harder? I don’t think anyone knows for sure…I guess God likes to throw in those curve balls just when you think you got everything figured out just to make you realize that its not your plan, it is His.  I felt like I had or rather HAVE the perfect plan for the next few years and recently come across a little detour. The biggest trial now is, do you try harder…or accept the “signs” that have been put in front of you?

So as you can see, I have come across a conundrum, while on the one hand I am rather disheartened that my dreams have hit a pothole, I reckon that its not a bad thing either. Life on the farm is going really well, I am happy and comfortable…and (this has never happened before) I can see myself spending a little more time here even after the season. But does that mean that I am giving up on my dreams of being a travelling seasoner? Does it mean that I am just settling for easy?

Anyway, I am now a couple weeks into the season, I have gotten two foals already! I am just excited that I haven’t forgotten anything. I feel like I am in my happy place when I am knee deep in straw, sleeves pulled up passed my elbows, grasping a little head gently with my hands as i welcome a new foal into this world. Cant help thinking every time that this is exactly where I belong! 

Now that the season has officially started!  Things are getting much busier on the farm as well, I feel like the days are just not long enough to get everything done. I better have some kick-ass legs after this season with all this walking going on! I can feel a difference in myself since I have been here, my confidence is making a bigger and bigger appearance everyday. I am glad I have got to work with many a treatment since my first day here, bandages, abscesses, cuts, swollen legs (I tell you, you are never surprised with horses). I also realized today that no matter how much you have learned or experienced in this industry, there is always…I repeat, always something else to learn.

So, this is stud life at the moment. I am loving it at this farm, really LOVING it! (I am sure this is the second time I have stated this) For this reason alone, I am not worried about the future. God sent me here didn’t He, I know He has it all under control. Like I said though, easier said than done. I recently read this statement, “It’s good to be passionate about your dreams, but did you know a dream can actually become an idol? If it’s all you think about, and you’re not going to be happy unless it happens your way, that’s out of balance. The fact is, sometimes you have to release that dream back to the Father.” (Joel Osteen) I am so guilty of this…and I realize that I am probably trying to  accomplish this perfect “plan” but lets be honest life is far from perfect! I cannot do it all on my own, and there is no rush. Like the great Mr. Player stated, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”