Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

Hello again strangers,

It’s been quite a while, but I am back in action.

Let me begin by saying that my sister and I had the most amazing, mind-blowing, bucket list-kinda-stuff, out of this world, unbelievable time in New Zealand. The things we did, the stuff we saw, times that will be treasured forever. I still cannot believe that we dreamed of the day we would travel together but it always seemed like just a dream. Now that dream came true and my sister and I have traveled not one, but TWO countries together! All I really have to say is that we have an amazing God: we are crazy blessed! I know this is only the beginning, we have many adventures to come. Oh, thank you for everyone who liked our travel Instagram! #muchlove

I will be writing a separate blog post all about our time in New Zealand with pictures and all. I just wanted to let all my followers know that I am back, and fill you in on what has been happening since. Other than feeling like I have gone through a break-up (with travel). Don’t laugh, I heard it is a real thing…

Sehnsucht (n) Origin: German

A wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels that have been and travels to come.

When you’re not travelling this can be an overwhelming feeling, or when you think about the travel you’ve done and you wish you could relive it all over again. This feeling is why you need to make the most of every moment! It’s why the more you travel, the harder it gets.

Can you actually believe I have been back at work for two weeks already? So much is happening at the moment, we have started weaning the foals (taking them away from their mothers). I was quite excited about this since I have never been around for the weaning process. It has been so much simpler than what books explain, or what I imagined. I guess all farms do it differently, but I really like the way our farm does it. It’s so hand-on and there is so much patience and care the foals don’t even know their mothers are gone. It’s pretty cool! I try to be involved with as much as I can and help out wherever I can, even though I am technically on the yearling side. I am also assistant to the foaling side but apparently weaning is not apart of our job. Some people believe that if it is not in their job description then it’s not their “problem”. I cannot think that way, I believe every opportunity is a chance to learn even if it’s not my ‘job description’. This is the first farm I have been on where it has been like this. “Teamwork” is not a regular word here, it’s every man for himself really. I don’t really care about the whole, “this is my side, and that is your side” situation. If you need a hand, I will lend you one…if I see something that needs to be done, I am going to do it. That is how a stud farm works!

In between weaning, we have tons of sales preparation going on. Horses that need to go in the walker, horses that need to be groomed and hand walked daily. Then I have to look after the rest of the yearlings that haven’t made the cut for the major sales (but will go to other sales), in between dealing with farriers, vet visits (my favorite), and then my not so favorite-grumpy people, and people who don’t want to work.

I just cannot believe that it’s been three weeks since our big adventure.  Where did three weeks go? I like being excited for something, looking forward to something. The next thing is that my family (hopefully, the WHOLE family) will be coming down to Cape Town to visit me…and and and, wait for it, another exciting thing is that my sister will be staying with me for a couple of months. Talk about looking forward to something, the time cannot come quick enough! We can add some South African adventures to our list.

So this week I need to conquer some mountains anIMG_6176d make some decisions. So much going on in this head of mine, just too much to get through right now. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am back on African soil, back and blogging about life, horses, people, problems, everything really…you guys know me.

Thank you for listening…

Here’s to the stories to come!






Time flies when your having fun!

Time flies when your having fun!


Eighty-two days into my Robertson adventure, my fourth breeding season, and my second official job. I am still smiling and enjoying every single minute. There have been a lot of changes but they come in really gentle waves which makes it really easy to get used too. For instance, our days have been a pretty regular with 7:00 to 17:00 job with an occasional evening of foaling, but now we have officially begun the breeding season, everything is in full swing which includes getting up a little earlier, catching more foals, the boys (aka the Stallions) will officially start their jobs, we will be seeing a lot more of the vets and we will wake up before the sun and go home without it. That is the next few months in a short summary. With already thirty-eight foals on the ground we have had a run up to the breeding season to get us ready for vet work and treatments and all the crazy that comes with it. Thanks to this, I feel totally prepared!

A lot of times this week I have wanted to sit down and pour my heart out into a post, but my Mom has always said that you should never write when you are angry or upset. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, like I said, a run up to the season. But also there have been unnecessary stress that doesn’t even belong here caused by things (or in fact, people) that are not worth wasting my breath on anymore. Perhaps a test? Why must there always be something or in fact someone who has to play with your happiness? It’s funny though, as much as it worries me, my happiness overtakes it times one hundred! It’s so funny actually! I am enjoying my job so much more than “they” think “they” are destroying it. Sorry, but I got some news for you. My God is greater, and He has got my back! I have worked TOO hard to get this far and for someone to destroy it!

I declare now that you are no match to my God, He holds my future and not you. I am not afraid of you!


As much as I am happy where I am and so very thankful, I almost have an empty feeling I cannot really describe. You are probably all to familiar with that song, “I left my heart in San Fransisco…” well, I am pretty sure I left my heart somewhere on my adventures in New Zealand and Australia. I long with all my heart and soul to go back to that holiday I had with my sister in Australia. I would re-live those three weeks over and over again. I wished it would never end! How can you miss something so bad that it actually hurts! I wish I could just get us another plane ticket and go do it all over again! I actually think it’s a condition? I have got a serious condition, and the only cure is travel (preferably with my best friend aka my sister).

Well, as much as I wished I could turn back time…I have a wonderful, let me say that again, WONDERFUL job here and now. I am going to make the most of every minute and not waste any time. I am working towards that plane ticket! THAT is my goal, well, on top of my list of goals at least!

With long days ahead and lots of hard work I am looking forward to a busy week….I am focused and prepared for anything. My mind is ready and my goals are set! Watch out world, nothing can stand in my way! More exciting news is, tomorrow will be 10 days until I wrap my arms around my family! Yes, the Hammond’s are coming down to Robertson! I am so excited, I really just can’t hide it anymore! My boss asks me everyday how is my excited scale? Uuuuh, from 1 to 10…probably 100!

Anyways, good night and good-bye!

As I leave you, remember…

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.



Thriving, not just Surviving.

Thriving, not just Surviving.

A lot has happened over the past two weeks, where do I begin? Firstly, the date is set and tickets are booked for when my family will make their way to Cape Town! I am so excited! I know it’s a month and a bit from now, but I just can’t wait! I cant wait to share this experience with them, I cant wait to share my life with them and most of ALL I cant wait for them to experience the reason I love my job so much which is helping a new life enter this world. Did i mention, I just can’t wait…only 52 days to go!

The second thing that has happened in the past two weeks…drum roll please…I now have a kitten?!? Yes, you read right, I have a kitten who I have named, Thomas. He was a stray cat living in one of the hay barns on the farm. It looked like he was the last surviving in his litter. There are some moments, where I wonder, “Why did you go and do that for Ashlee?” And then I come home and these big green eyes look up at me, and my heart just seems to smile. I know it’s a bigger responsibility looking after another life and it’s not like a have the expenses. I do know that God would not have blessed me with this little treasure if it wasn’t for a reason. I am enjoying having some company in this small, quiet house.

So, on this point alone, it already makes this season a lot different!

Around the farm…

Things around the farm are going pretty smoothly, we have now started getting ready for the season…sitting up, bringing the first group of mares in, opening them – which was my idea – foaling boxes and stables being prepared. It almost doesn’t feel real, I can’t believe another season is about to start. While we wait for the babies of course, we have been going about our stud jobs. My sick weanlings are doing so much better, I have gotten a lot of practice with all sorts of treatments so far…and not even for major things. I thank God for blessing me with this opportunity because I think I am going to get my confidence back this season! The biggest bonus of it all is that I am working under the coolest lady I think I have ever met on a stud farm. It is already fun going into work but she just makes it a blast!


Well, that is all for now. Please go and like my NEW facebook page as well, where you can also be updated with much more on my daily adventures!

My mission in life is not merely to survive; but to thrive. and to do so with some PASSION, some COMPASSION, some HUMOR, and some STYLE.

– maya angelou –

25 Days In.

25 Days In.

Hello Again.

Today is the twenty-fifth day into my new season…which sounds like so little compared to the way it feels. I feel like I have been here for much longer, is that a bad thing? Let me elaborate on this quick, I only think it feels longer because of the experience that I have already gained since I have been here…not only for my career but my confidence as well…and the season hasn’t even started yet!

So, twenty-five days in and it just happens to be my off-weekend. I have literally done absolutely nothing except think about things I should rather be doing. Hey, what are off weekends for after all. I did make some progress today and washed my car (that’s a start!).

Lets get back to business, so what has happened since my last post, which would be about two weeks ago. I have been getting used to the routine around the farm and it’s going pretty well. I am “in charge” of the weanlings at the moment, as well as some treatments. I have done some pretty cool things with the vet and I have learned to work a pretty kick-ass blood machine, I have done so much already and like I have said…THE SEASON HASN’T EVEN STARTED! I have had my trails and errors so far, but that is all apart of life, we are not going to learn anything if we don’t get anything wrong will we?

The people are so nice, the farm is organised, I am not treated like just another clown at the circus. I feel like I fit in, at some times it feel so weird to actually be important. The other day, all the managers were having some milk tart that Mr. Italy brought in the office. I was busy doing something and realized everyone was gone…then got called to come and hang out and eat milk tart with everyone. It just takes some getting used to being somebody important, well, being a SOMEBODY.

I have also made a new friend here, his name is Captain. as usual he has four legs and has just managed to steal my heart. He’s a big, beautiful, retired racehorse. It’s nice to go and talk to someone after work and The Boss Man has also given me permission to ride him. All I need to do now is find some tack.

Other than work, my mind has been caught up in getting everything ready for England! My mind has been in my finances, my mind has been home, my mind has been on travelling, my mind has been on the future! But you can only accomplish one thing at a time, at the moment, I am HERE and NOW. Bring on the next 152 days!

Did I mention, I AM SO EXCITED!