Hello World,

Here is a little introduction of me and what my blog is all about.

My name is Ashlee HammDSCF1729.JPGond and I am twenty-two years old. I was home-schooled by my Mom with my younger sister and older brother. I did not have the privilege of growing up with horses, but in one way I actually did. People always ask me, “Where did I get this love for horses?” On one part maybe it was a family thing, my father has an innocent passion for them, but I think I was honestly just born with it. I swear if you opened me up and looked at my heart, there would be hoof prints all over it. Around the age of ten I started riding and it has been my addiction. I told my parents I don’t really care what I do after school, but it HAS to be with horses.

I had known what I wanted to do long before I graduated, but what I did not know is that I had a mind-blowing adventure in store for me. God has an extra ordinary plan for my life…

In 2014, I attenTrophy EDIT 1ded the Al Maktoum School of Equine Management Excellence on Summerhill Stud in South Africa and graduated with a distinction. I also got awarded with the Bryan and Erica Goss Trophy for the Top Student which included a scholarship to The English National Stud in Newmarket, England which I also graduated with two distinctions and TOP STUDENT, winning The National Stud Award in 2015.

But my journey did not stop there…IMG_2332

After I completed the National Stud Diploma course, I was asked if I wanted to go to NEW ZEALAND for my first stud job…of course I said, YES! I stayed in kiwi land from August 2015 to February 2016, completing my first stud job as a stud groom.

Now back in sunny South Africa, awaiting a new season to start at my new job in Robertson, Cape Town.

This is my blog about my adventure around the world, through thoroughbred stud seasons which almost nobody has any idea about. This is my story about a girl who was told she was too small and not strong enough to be working with race horses; this is the story about a girl who fought with everything she had to make her dreams come true!

AND I am not even half-way yet, follow me on my journey around the world, doing what I love!



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