“She loves the smell of warm coffee, bloomed roses and new beginnings.”

“She loves the smell of warm coffee, bloomed roses and new beginnings.”

To start off my updates, I wanted to let you guys know that my entry “Top 10 Reasons to Work on a Thoroughbred Stud” unfortunately did not win or place in the Racing Writers Award Competition but I am very happy to say that I was mentioned by Mr. Barry Irwin himself. Out of thirty-six entries only eight were mentioned. That is more than I expected, I am really happy with that result since the articles that I was competing against were really complex articles written by seasonal professionals. I put the link to the article about the Racing Writers Awards below. ↓

Five Finalists For Racing Writers Award – Sporting Post

On other news, it was a rather different time at home, I had adopted a cat down in Robertson named Tom and he had joined us on the cross country road trip back home. He was a complete angel and we arrived back in Polokwane without a hitch – a  couple of days later, little Tom had lost his appetite and got what seemed like an ear infection at the time but turned into two whole weeks at the veterinary clinic with a rare skin disease that attacks his tissue. It ate away at his ears and nose as well as his little paws. Only the grace of God saved our little boy and he made a full recovery. Although he is on medication probably for the rest of his life, we still have our boy. Now it’s just getting used to the house and the dogs, a new neighborhood, a whole new life for him and for us. I feel terribly guilty that I have to leave now, and leave my cat with my parents with this responsibility. That is one of my biggest downfalls – thinking with my heart. I just had to save Tom in the heat of the moment I hadn’t realized the long term effect of my actions. I don’t regret taking him from that cold barn on that winter’s day, he saved me from the loneliness living on your own in a strange place can bring to you.

If my parents read this, I just wanted to thank them for taking Tom in (with all his issues) and taking care of my horse while I figure out my place in this world. Thank you for understanding what a big space these animals take up in my heart. I could not have asked for more amazing parents or family for that matter, I also wanted to thank them for our home. Thank you that when the world is crumbling around us, your arms are always open to help us dust off and more importantly, get back on our feet. I can never put into words how grateful I am for you both.

Because of all the vet visits and everything else I haven’t ridden as much as I would normally, I have only had two early morning rides for three weeks. I have spent time with him at least and organised a little photo shoot for my old boy since he is turning seventeen this year (out of interest that is fifty-four in human years). That was something really fun to do, something we have wanted to do for ages.

Some of the beautiful photos taken of my horse and I, as well as my sister by local photographer Mandy Teixeira.  

Photo shoots, vet visits, applying for visas, catching up, and now busy with another season…where does the time go? The dreamer side of me would have loved to be home for the rest of the year, but the logical side me agrees that I need to get back to work. I was very nervous and scared but excited for another new beginning. Another season, another chance, and another day to be doing what I love.

It’s been two weeks since I moved down to Mooi River and started my 2017 breeding season. I am back at the place where it all began, in hope of finding that starry-eyed dreamer that I had lost along the way. It has been a learning curve, I had to find my feet for the first couple of days but I am getting the hang of it. I am not worrying about shoes to fill I am here to do me – I am going to be the best Broodmare Manager that I can be.





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