Only dead fish go with the flow.

Only dead fish go with the flow.

Excuse me for just a minute. This post is in no way related to horses but I need to share something.

Will there ever come a day where we truly understand the human race?

When I was growing up my parents taught me to give 110% at everything I did, if someone asked something of me I would do that and more. My payment is the satisfaction that I could help someone, see them smile and know I was the reason. Now we get to the part where in return people won’t do that for you.  They want the world handed to them on a silver spoon but when it’s time to share the spoon…all of a sudden it’s missing. That is a weird analogy, but you get my point. It’s pathetic.

Now, here comes the bomb shell.  Do I change because I am burning out day in and day out doing favors and giving my all for people who wouldn’t even think twice for doing the same thing for me? Is it wrong that I can’t say “no”? How do you say “No” in a world who would turn their back on you in a second if you say that simple word? Who would despise you and throw you away in a breath even if you had given everything and more for them. None of that matters. Are you then considered a “people pleaser” for not wanting to say “no” for that reason? Personally, I think that is bullying. To turn your back on someone for not doing what YOU want them to do.

What do you do? Do you change and learn to say “No”, and be selfish because someone wont do the same for you? Jesus surely didn’t change because of silly thing such as this? It still hurts though. This is also where “friendship” is questioned…are you my friend because you just want something or are you my friend because you truly want to be?

I am not going to change who I am because of this, I just needed to share this point…one little drop in the ocean causes a long ripple.

Go and lend a helping hand people, and do more than is asked of you. Even though they probably won’t do the same for you…you have a greater God watching and we know that He watches everything! It does hurt and I am still figuring out how to cope with that part, but just remember God knows. Another point to the story though…if you want someone to do something for you…think first if you can or would do the same if and when that person needs you too!

#dontjudge #just something to think about


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