Thriving, not just Surviving.

Thriving, not just Surviving.

A lot has happened over the past two weeks, where do I begin? Firstly, the date is set and tickets are booked for when my family will make their way to Cape Town! I am so excited! I know it’s a month and a bit from now, but I just can’t wait! I cant wait to share this experience with them, I cant wait to share my life with them and most of ALL I cant wait for them to experience the reason I love my job so much which is helping a new life enter this world. Did i mention, I just can’t wait…only 52 days to go!

The second thing that has happened in the past two weeks…drum roll please…I now have a kitten?!? Yes, you read right, I have a kitten who I have named, Thomas. He was a stray cat living in one of the hay barns on the farm. It looked like he was the last surviving in his litter. There are some moments, where I wonder, “Why did you go and do that for Ashlee?” And then I come home and these big green eyes look up at me, and my heart just seems to smile. I know it’s a bigger responsibility looking after another life and it’s not like a have the expenses. I do know that God would not have blessed me with this little treasure if it wasn’t for a reason. I am enjoying having some company in this small, quiet house.

So, on this point alone, it already makes this season a lot different!

Around the farm…

Things around the farm are going pretty smoothly, we have now started getting ready for the season…sitting up, bringing the first group of mares in, opening them – which was my idea – foaling boxes and stables being prepared. It almost doesn’t feel real, I can’t believe another season is about to start. While we wait for the babies of course, we have been going about our stud jobs. My sick weanlings are doing so much better, I have gotten a lot of practice with all sorts of treatments so far…and not even for major things. I thank God for blessing me with this opportunity because I think I am going to get my confidence back this season! The biggest bonus of it all is that I am working under the coolest lady I think I have ever met on a stud farm. It is already fun going into work but she just makes it a blast!


Well, that is all for now. Please go and like my NEW facebook page as well, where you can also be updated with much more on my daily adventures!

My mission in life is not merely to survive; but to thrive. and to do so with some PASSION, some COMPASSION, some HUMOR, and some STYLE.

– maya angelou –


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