25 Days In.

25 Days In.

Hello Again.

Today is the twenty-fifth day into my new season…which sounds like so little compared to the way it feels. I feel like I have been here for much longer, is that a bad thing? Let me elaborate on this quick, I only think it feels longer because of the experience that I have already gained since I have been here…not only for my career but my confidence as well…and the season hasn’t even started yet!

So, twenty-five days in and it just happens to be my off-weekend. I have literally done absolutely nothing except think about things I should rather be doing. Hey, what are off weekends for after all. I did make some progress today and washed my car (that’s a start!).

Lets get back to business, so what has happened since my last post, which would be about two weeks ago. I have been getting used to the routine around the farm and it’s going pretty well. I am “in charge” of the weanlings at the moment, as well as some treatments. I have done some pretty cool things with the vet and I have learned to work a pretty kick-ass blood machine, I have done so much already and like I have said…THE SEASON HASN’T EVEN STARTED! I have had my trails and errors so far, but that is all apart of life, we are not going to learn anything if we don’t get anything wrong will we?

The people are so nice, the farm is organised, I am not treated like just another clown at the circus. I feel like I fit in, at some times it feel so weird to actually be important. The other day, all the managers were having some milk tart that Mr. Italy brought in the office. I was busy doing something and realized everyone was gone…then got called to come and hang out and eat milk tart with everyone. It just takes some getting used to being somebody important, well, being a SOMEBODY.

I have also made a new friend here, his name is Captain. as usual he has four legs and has just managed to steal my heart. He’s a big, beautiful, retired racehorse. It’s nice to go and talk to someone after work and The Boss Man has also given me permission to ride him. All I need to do now is find some tack.

Other than work, my mind has been caught up in getting everything ready for England! My mind has been in my finances, my mind has been home, my mind has been on travelling, my mind has been on the future! But you can only accomplish one thing at a time, at the moment, I am HERE and NOW. Bring on the next 152 days!

Did I mention, I AM SO EXCITED!



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