Day 15 Sunday, 13 September 2015

I cant believe I haven’t written for the whole week! It’s so awesome how fast the days are going right now. 
Let’s take a look at my week in review. 

To my greatest delight…Marcus put me on the mare and foal team! I had the best time of my life this week. I was in my element working with the little babies again. This side is just so chilled and relaxed. It’s a lot of walking and stuff and the vet work is also something. But I would still choose this side over the yearlings.
I was thinking of asking Marcus if I could stay on this side, and was just waiting for the right time. But today he came to me and told me that I will be on the broodmare side for the next few weeks! Doing vet work and stuff like that! Gods Favour! Anyway, He also explained that I should take notes and learn as much as I can while I am here. He also said that I should probably get some leggings! Which was really funny.

Other things that happened this week was…I GOT A CAR! What a blessing! Now I can get to town and travel and do my riding lessons on my day off! I am THRILLED! It’s just amazing how God works…how we moved to Aunty Kerry’s yard and she led us to her friend in New Zealand and then that friend led us to her friend, Joy. I had the most amazing off day with her. She picked me up and visited her horses and they let me stay the night. It was a overall lovely day. I feel terrible that they had to change the cars battery and they filled it with petrol. They don’t even know me and they did all of this for me. What a blessing!

Overall, I only cried once this week, and I hate to admit it but I did enjoy this week. I am bonding with the staff and the everyone in the house as well. I have become friends with one of the boys, I feel super comfortable with him because we can talk for hours and just be ourselves. The best things is he has a girlfriend. He is such a goof-ball and is super funny, but he is an amazing leader. He is in charge of the yards on the weekend and he takes control and we got the yard done in no time today. The lesson – don’t judge a book by its cover – applies here. The Irish guy is also really cool. He is quiet but always willing to lend a hand or give advice. The nicest thing is he knows what he is taking about. I was put on foaling duty with him and one of the managers and it was our night on Saturday night. Our first foal came at around eleven in the evening. It was a disaster, she turned out to be a dummy foal and was also potentially blind as well. She got put down yesterday. We also had another foal in the early hours of the morning. She is a beauty! For the first night on call. It was tough. Never been so tired in my life. I am less tired doing the night watch. I had the best sleep on the couch though this afternoon before we had to go back to work. 

But the highlight of my week was asking one of the boys to help me with my car. Played the damsel in distress card, to be fair…I honestly did need his help and it took me ages to ask for his help though. Every time I would rehearse in my head and then when I walk passed him I would break into a nervous smile and get all flushed. Finally just facebooked him…and we chatted for a good while. Funniest thing is, our rooms are just across from each other. I just can’t take it that he must be the most beautiful human being I have come across…he has a smile like I have never seen before…it is just so pure. Anyway. Before I start writing a Nicolas Sparks novel. 

I am feeling ready for the week ahead. 15 days down, 152 to to go. 


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